Lucy and Ashley
Holkham Hall


Arriving at around 10am, camera ready, batteries charged and all ready to go, but Susan (Lucy’s mum) had cousaunts, salmon and coffee on the go. So before it all kicked off I was lucky enough to get breakfast…what a terrible job I have :)

Once id finished my 3rd cousaint (yum, cheers Susan) it was all systems go, getting all the important shots of bridesmaids, frends and family getting ready. thought the morning spirits where high, and there was no end of laughter and chatting. The perfect scene that set the mood for the rest of the day.

Apon arriving at Holkham Hall, it was onto the ceremony in the impressive and rather epic Sallon Room! The ceremony went without a hitch, both bride and groom lauging and slimling all the way. With the cerimony done, and rest of the day was just perfect,